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​​​​​Personal dedication is a promise when the common demands of life are at times overwhelming. Your privacy, safety & personal feelings are the primary focus of trained Licensed Professional Counselor, Y.S. "Pearl" Jessie.




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​​Life can get intense. The pressure of living with affliction can seemingly take over everything in our lives, even the simplest parts, like sleeping. You cannot live under the constant weight of trying to always hold it together. Pearl Jessie, M.Ed., LPC professionally guides you through each counseling session to reach the point of RELEASE..
​​It is at the point of REFLECTION that understanding & clarity as to why life became so overwhelming takes focus. Each session is an individualized plan used to help you work through this process, steering you towards the path of moving forward.
​​Don't live under the weight of stress, depression, anxiety, grief or pain. Pearls of Wisdom Counseling Service can help you to gain the RELIEF you need to keep moving forward to get back the life you deserve! Call TODAY & schedule an appointment. 
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 "I have personally worked side by side with this dynamic Woman of God, she has a calling that is not only educationally supported but truly divinely inspired" - Michael M. Pollard. BS, LCDC.
"Excellent person she helped me and I love her she is devoted to her work"
"Mrs. Pearl is the best counselor I have ever been to. She is very unique, strong and kind. She gets the job done, very good at what she does". T. Rideau
"Devoted counselor, dedicated to bettering the lives of others using her own powerful life experience to heal"
If you live in the Southeast Texas region, and are looking for an excellent therapist, I highly recommend Pearls of Wisdom! She offers superb services contoured to the continuity of each clients needs. Give her a call today!! - D. Hayes Jr.
"I am simply amazed and pleased with the service of POW Counseling Service. I was treated with respect and compassion and complete confidentiality. Her services have helped me through many tough times and  her professionalism is second to none! I  strongly recommend that anyway who needs special guidance or just someone to help cope with life's issues take advantage of the this wonderful service!" - R. Stewart
"I will never forget the first day I met Mrs. Pearl...... I was scared, timid, not sure of myself, depressed, anxiety, stressed, low self esteem, and always looking down and crying rivers. Mrs. Pearl had me to stand up and look her straight in the eye, she explained to me how beautiful I was and how strong and tough I was to go through everything that I had been facing, she told me that she had better not see me looking down again. That day, Mrs. Pearl had really gotten through to me, just what I needed, someone to believe in me. Mrs. Pearl has really helped me in so many ways, she think that I done it alone, but with out her motivation, her giving me that push that I needed, the praise, understanding, and the love of what she does best, I would not be able to write this message as we speak! Thank you Mrs. Pearl" - Anonymous
As a man it was difficult for me to ever consider counseling with anyone. The pressure of working long hours and still trying to hold to my responsibilities of being a family man was heavy for me. Meeting with Mrs. Pearl relieved so much of that pressure. I found her to be extremely relatable, real, understanding, knowledgeable, and most importantly honest. She made sure I understood I was in charge of the outcome of any situation that arose. She also helped me realize there were adjustments that needed to be made in my life. With simple conversations, I walked away from each appointment feeling reassured and weightless. I thank Mrs. Pearl for her professionalism and her listening ear. W.E.S.
"Working a job for 30+ years got a boss three years ago who had me so stressed and anxious and angry.No help from H.R. on my job.Feeling beat up and totally disrespected and a millon other things.I walked into POWCS and met Mrs.Pearl,Thank God.She has worked with me and helped me with my anxiety,stress/anger,I don't know what might have happened,had I not used her services.She's a woman of faith and professional.....I would and do recommend her to anyone who needs a professional." - E.S.
"I remembered just needing someone to talk to, not even knowing why, just needed someone to hear me. And she did! She helped me open up so many doors I had closed towards achieving my own happiness. Beautifully passionate about her work & truly skilled at her profession" - S.A.Henry
"Pearls Counseling was beyond amazing I will recommend to all friends, coworkers 💙 etc .... Thank you so much for working and helping me." - P.G.
"I believe she has a knack for this field. As a counselor she is completely unbiased, and is willing to go the extra mile to instinctively express her clients individual needs. She has helped me to overcome many challenges in my life by not only listening, but also providing unbiased outlooks on my personal reality. We address multiple options of many topics, and I have yet to leave unfulfilled in knowledge and progress. The journey is usually as long as you make it. She guided me to a peaceful place of mind, and for that alone I am overwhelmingly grateful."- K. Chatman
"I just want to thank Ms. Pearl for her help and support during a difficult time in my life. I was introduced to new alternatives to handle situations and take charge of my life. She is professional and courteous, but most of all she actually cares. I am truly blessed to have her as a friend and life coach."
"I work with Pearl on a professional level and I will say that she is one of the best, if not the best, counselors our agency contracts with. Many of my clients like her a lot. She is direct but fair. Real but caring. She genuinely wants to help my clients be the best people and parents they can be. " Constance G.

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Pearl Jessie, M.Ed., LPC is professionally certified in Advanced Family-Divorce-Child Custody Mediation.
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